Highpost Box

Ship securely and safely

Live Tracking

We offer live map surveilance of your precious cargo.

Fortified Packages

Feel at ease knowing your boxes are virtually impregnable.

Fast Shipping

Revolutionizing what it means to ship a package to consumers.

Behind the Scenes

Meet the team behind Mindweaver. Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure your package is delivered safely and securely.

Marco Pariente-Cohen

CEO & Founder

Elie Pariente-Cohen


Moses Mazon

Operational Manager

Racheli Levertov

Executive Assistant

Ari Morse

Lead Electromechanical Engineer

Daniel M. Mounessa

Senior Software Engineer

Stanley Wong

Computer Engineer

Bilal Hussain

Computer Engineer

Spencer Siu

Electrical Engineering Intern

Julian Lu

Mechanical Engineering Intern

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