Frequently Asked Questions

What we do

Highpost is a secure packaging and logistics management company, where people can package and ship items with total confidence, knowing that they can see everything happening in real time. We provide transparency, integrity, and security within the global logistics system. We design solutions to pressing problems.

Highpost should be your only stop in small-scale secure transportation. If you have a valuable or sensitive item to deliver, our secure, real-time trackable, and use friendly enclosure will ensure that your items get to where they need to go with a minimum of fuss.

Who we are

We are an up and coming team of engineers dedicated to solving problems. Our engineers come from a diverse background with a footing in software, hardware, retail, wholesale, and education. We understand the importance of your items, and what it takes to get it there safely. Our team takes a personal approach with our clients in responding to their specific needs with individualized hardware and software design. Our mechanical engineers are inventors at heart, and design is our passion. If you want it, we can make it.

How does it work?

The Tech

Our user friendly website is designed with the client in mind. We are available 24/7 and constantly updating our website to better suit our clients’ needs. We also create custom APIs in order to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ existing setup – allowing them to easily ship and track their product. With our software and GPS chipset we can track their items in real time, ensuring that we always know where their valuables are.

The Box

If that wasn’t enough we ensure that our boxes are secured using our specially designed lock and protected with Polycarbonate. Only the recipient and sender can unlock the package using our app.

Why us?

We have gone the extra mile to put an end to the confusion and risk surrounding the shipping industry; to build an easy way for people to package and ship valuable product with confidence, knowing that they can track their packages in real time. By providing a flat, all-inclusive rate that is fully insured, we offer the cheapest, easiest, and most secure way to ship your product hassle-free.

How can we reach you?>

Email us at info@mindweaver.co or call us at +1 (718) 266-2208.