Boxes contain sensor, actuator and transmission technology. Compact, self-reliant and easily customized.

This technology manages sensors and actuators that can detect and act on the box itself and the environment.

Individual boxes or shipments have a built-in GPS can report location in real-time.

The box can be fully tracked and controlled remotely: locked or unlocked, temperature, humidity, etc...

The HighPost box is made primarily of bullet-proof material which is water resistant and virtually unbreakable.

Perfect for cargo that requires atmosphere or environmental control. Box self-reports and self-manages.



HighPost proprietary Operating System connects the functionality of our hardware (connected boxes and shipments), the location, and environmental data from sensors and actuators so that you can securely manage and operate your cargo and inventory symbiotically, in real-time.

By increasing transparency and control throughout the entire chain of custody, you reduce friction, risk and, thus, cost. Our OS makes this all possible.

The availability of this rich real-time and historical shipment data allows you to quickly validate timely business decisions from vendor or partner selection to process improvements.

"Industries at the crossroad of freight, logistics and stringent regulations will benefit from HighPost technology."



Our Dashboard is the interface through which you can manage your HighPost shipments.

Easily configure your HighPost box and/or own container Operating Systems for each shipment and monitor every aspect of its data in real-time.

Act on shipments remotely, like unlock, lock it, modify environmental variables, thresholds, set alert triggers, etc.

What's more, you can just as easily create and track single items as you do complex, multi-nodal shipments and sub-shipments.

Retrieve the timeline events and history for each HighPost shipments in great details along the entire chain of custody.

Integrate with existing databases and systems (e.g. email, text, contacts, inventory data, etc.)

Extremely user-friendly and mobile device-ready.



We're in!!

Highpost has been hand-picked to participate in a special Kickstarter campaign! More to come soon.

First Foreign Licencing agreement

Canada, nous voila

HighPost announces its first licensing transaction, entering the Canadian high-value goods transport market with the establishment of HighPost Canada.

Y Combinator Laurate

We made it!

HighPost graduates from the prestigious Y-Combinator Startup School Program, and announces first license transaction in the Canadian market


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