Our story began when Marco Pariente-Cohen, founder and CEO of HighPost, worked on warehouse management systems.

At that time a friend, a pharmacist selling medical cannabis, told him that was because of product regulation, scarcity and major inefficiencies in the supply chain when the prescription finally arrived, patients couldn’t actually get the product. They were just too sick to get out of bed...

For critically-ill patients living in the many states where the legal requirement to get Cannabis medicine is to go to the dispensary in-person, access to Cannabis medicine was in effect compromised.

Once we realized that many people could not get their prescription, regardless of the urgency, we started thinking of a solution.
HighPost was born.

Lawmakers and the various actors in the industry need the confidence that the product would really reach the intended recipient and no one else, and that the contents could be tracked, not be tampered with nor stolen.
So we devised HighPost, a system that guarantees all that and more.

Our box/container is self-reporting, sending reports and alerts along the way without external intervention, our full system allows opening or closing a box or container remotely and ensure that the actually intended recipient is reached!
And then some...

So that anyone can safely get their medicine in those times when they need it the most!

While the medical Cannabis industry was the initial springboard for HighPost, we soon realized that any industry involved with freight, logistics, safety, and regulations can hugely benefit from our system.
We are looking forward to partnering with you and help find the solution that matter!


Marco Pariente-Cohen

CEO & Founder

Elie Pariente-Cohen


Eliyahu Simcha Rosenberg

CTO (CSO /devOps)

David Bartel

UX & UX strategy

Aharon Gueta


Erik Scudder

Logistics and Freight Adviser



We're in!!

Highpost has been hand-picked to participate in a special Kickstarter campaign! More to come soon.

First Foreign Licencing agreement

Canada, nous voila

HighPost announces its first licensing transaction, entering the Canadian high-value goods transport market with the establishment of HighPost Canada.

Y Combinator Laurate

We made it!

HighPost graduates from the prestigious Y-Combinator Startup School Program, and announces first license transaction in the Canadian market


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