We are currently partnering with companies in pilot programs can add immediate value to our partners' businesses, establish workable values and processes, grow trust and point the way for more efficient and secure transport of high-value goods.

Our most current pilot partnership is with Intermodal Sciences, in combination with CoLoadX. Using our proprietary secure data sensor, tracking, and big data aggregation tools to advance their ability to heatmap global commodities movement and more efficiently track, file, organize and access container utilization.

We invite you to join us and propose working partnerships and pilot programs with HighPost. Let's work on what works for you!

Get in touch and tell who you are and what you do, what keeps you up at night.

Together, we discuss the best plan of action. It's all about value!

We get to work.

We get on short feedback loops so we improve and you get value. Win-win!

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We're in!!

Highpost has been hand-picked to participate in a special Kickstarter campaign! More to come soon.

First Foreign Licencing agreement

Canada, nous voila

HighPost announces its first licensing transaction, entering the Canadian high-value goods transport market with the establishment of HighPost Canada.

Y Combinator Laurate

We made it!

HighPost graduates from the prestigious Y-Combinator Startup School Program, and announces first license transaction in the Canadian market


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